European Campaign for the recognition of the Rights of Homeless People

The criminalisation of homelessness is growing in Europe. The banning of begging, the ‘cleansing’ of public spaces or the installation of ‘defensive’ street furniture are just some of the practices being increasingly used to restrict and deny the basic rights of some of society’s most vulnerable citizens.

In order to reverse this trend and reaffirm the ideals upon which Europe is built, FEANTSA and Housing Rights Watch invite all cities in the European Union to endorse the Homeless Bill of Rights to recognise and uphold the rights of people who experience homelessness.

While this endorsement will not solve this complex problem, it will send a clear message to the general public, local policy makers and other local stakeholders that other ways to address homelessness are possible.

Several important cities have either endorsed or are considering endorsing this Bill. Will you be next?

Cities that have signed up

Be Fair, Europe. Stand Up for the Homeless

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